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Metal Fabricators of Stone Anchors - We Make The Z-Clip

Metal Fabricators of Stone Anchors

Mustang Metal & Supply is a diversified, custom metal fabricator specializing in non-standard masonry and stone, specifically granite anchors and marble anchors. Our welders are certified for heliarc and short-arc welding procedures and can fabricate in light gauge sheet metal or heavy plate. Mustang Metal is the most trusted source for your stone anchor needs. In operation since 1975, we have the ability to fabricate (shearing, bending, sawing, punching and welding) hot dip galvanized stone anchors as well as stainless steel, aluminum and copper hardened zinc.

Z-Clip Fastener

Our aluminum Z-Clip provides secure attachment at any elevated point without support from above or below. By fastening our Z-Clip to opposing walls it easily interlocks providing a strong, permanent yet easily disassembled installation. Our “Z” Clip can be furnished in any length, up to 12′ with holes sized and spaced to meet your requirements.

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The History of Mustang Metal & Supply Co.

Mustang Metal was originally established as a masonry supply company about 1975, serving masonry contractors in the Houston area. It was purchased shortly thereafter by Blumenthal Sheet Metal Co. as a subsidiary company. Mustang slowly evolved to the fabrication of stone anchors for marble and granite and other miscellaneous metal products. In 1993, Mustang was sold to Dan Lubbock and moved to the larger facility where it is now located.

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