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Metal Fabricators of Stone Anchors - We Make The Z-Clip

Custom Fabricated Aluminum Z-Clip Fasteners

Z-Clip: Aluminum Fasteners Custom Fabricated to Your Project’s Specifications

The EASY WAY to securely hang cabinets, frames, elevator paneling, etc. with the aluminum.

Our aluminum Z-Clip provides secure attachment at any elevated point without support from above or below. By fastening our Z-Clip to opposing walls it easily interlocks providing a strong, permanent yet easily disassembled installation.

Custom Fabricated Aluminum Z-Clip Fastener - Phantom View

Phantom View

Custom Fabricated Aluminum Z-Clip Fastener - Side View

Side View

Z-Clips are the easiest and fastest way to securely hang masonry, signs, artwork, cabinets, architectural woodwork, wall panels, and elevator panels. Z-Clips work by mounting a length of the clip along the wall and shorter clips on the back of the item that is being mounted. The Z-Clip is completely hidden and cannot be seen, leaving a clean and sightly installation. The use of Z-Clips can reduce time and installation costs up to fifty percent.


  • Our Z-Clips can be furnished in any length, up to 12′ with holes sized and spaced to meet your requirements.
  • No set-up or cutting charges for material purchased in 6′ or 12′ lengths without holes
  • 10% Discount on all orders over 1,000 linear feet


  • All shipments F.O.B. our plant, Houston
  • Pieces 6′ and under via UPS
  • Pieces over 6′ via Motor Freight

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