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Metal Fabricators of Stone Anchors - We Make The Z-Clip

Bent Bolts, Eye Bolts, Double End Studs, All Thread Studs, & Anchor Rods and Straps

Mustang Metal & Supply Co. specializes in custom fabricated fasteners. All of our manufacturing is done on site. We provide the custom fabricated anchors and fasteners that you need to complete your job.

Specifically, we specialize in the custom fabrication of cadmium, B-7, zinc plated and custom fabrication of stainless steel specialty fasteners and anchors. Our custom manufacturing is ready to meet any job specifications. Our threads are class 2A roll-threaded and they are available in carbon steel, B-7, zinc plated, cadmium plated, as well as stainless steel.

  • Bent Bolts

    Bent Bolts

    Bent Bolts: available as an all thread rod or double end stud bent bolt.

  • Eye Bolts

    Eye Bolts

    Eye Bolts: available as single end thread.

  • Double End Threads

    Double End Threads

    Double End Studs: Threaded on both ends.

  • All Thread Studs

    All Thread Studs

    All Thread Studs: Continuous Thread

  • Anchor Rods & Straps

    Anchor Rods & Straps

    Anchor Rods and Straps:
    Anchor rods and straps are manufactured to secure the structure to its foundation. They are also designed to secure granite, marble or precast panel to supporting structures. Made to order for specific job applications. Finishes include plain, hot dip galvanized, and stainless steel.

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